Friday, March 30, 2007

So back to our regular program...

Today is Friday...I have officially made it through my first week at home alone with the wee ones, and it has been a very good week all things considered. I am glad to be back in my role as mommy in charge, and I am glad to be in my non pregnant body. Here is the good, the bad, the ugly recapped:

The Good:
* I napped every day except for today...but today I was not tired enough to sleep so I was able to catch up on some online projects... mainly, moving my blog over here :0).

* I was able to take the kids on our first outing all three in tow. We went to the library and the park... it was a blast!

* On Tuesday I dropped the older kids at Mother's Day Out and took Sweet Pea on errands with me. He actually slept an entire hour while I was at coffee bean and I got to read and enjoy my coffee!!!

The Bad:
* Boo had three potty accidents in one day. =(

* Baby J has been waking up multiple times at night, so we are tired parents

The Ugly:
* All three kids had meltdowns at the same time on Wednesday. Boo pooped in his pants, Baby J did not want to take her nap, though she was exhausted. And of course Sweet Pea was just hungry and I didn't get to him soon enough. =(

I survived the week and really I think we all thrived.

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