Monday, April 2, 2007

Same story new perspective

So the family went to church this weekend (an occurrence that has been more regular these days) and though we were a bit late it was really good. I thoroughly enjoy the teaching of the lead pastor...he teaches straight down the middle of an issue and I admire that tremendously. You see I'm a Jesus person who doesn't much enjoy being around "church folk" when they all get together en mass... mostly because I don't like what darkness comes out in me while I'm in that sort of environment. I prefer reality with an incarnate touch...real people, living real life, looking towards a real Savior for a real connection.

Anyway... the point of this post...

Last night's sermon focus was on the traditional Palm Sunday text and it is a story that I have heard every single year since I was three-ish years old. Some years the story feels repetitive, other years it is meaningful but in an egocentric sort of way. Rarely is there a time when something totally catches me and this year I learned a ton about the historical context of the palm procession to Jerusalem. And that is saying a lot. I am a life long church goer, who attended a christian university, received a biblical studies minor, then worked in vocational ministry teaching others for ten years. So when I sat down for the same ole' same ole' sermon, I was not expecting much. Boy was I pleasantly surprised... and last night taught me something really key about my spiritual journey. I am growing into a deeply contented joy and gratitude that God's story of grace is new every day and I get to be a part of it. There is always something new that can reach out and wrap around me...thus keeping me totally engaged.

For a cynic like me that is a very good thing. It keeps me grounded and hopeful all at the same time.

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