Friday, April 20, 2007

A week in review

So I was on my own again this week and all things considered, we are settling into a new normal. It was a busy week of errands for the bridal shower I am helping host this weekend, catching up on laundry and household chores, and trying to stay above water with all of our regular activities. Everything has gotten done, though I did miss MOPS this week =(. Being a nursing mom means I have to plan well to get three kids out the door and Wednesday I did not get the timing right...because I got moving late. Oh well.

Right now I'm nursing two kids, and a nasty migraine that has been going strong since Wednesday afternoon. Wah!!!! Dh is helping as much as he can, though he does have to go to work. I love being at home with my little ones. It is hard though, because my job doesn't come with any sick days.

The highs for the week:
* Sweet Pea is smiling a bunch's great!
* Baby J and mommy had a couple of tea parties.
* I got to play play doh with Boo all by himself for almost an hour.
* Baby J is currently dancing in circles naked right now... so cute!

The lows:
* Baby J decided to climb to the top of the McDonald's tube structure when it was time to leave...knowing I could not go up and bring her down. It took a half an hour for her to come down. Note to not take Baby J to McDonald's for a few months. Grm.
* Caffeine does still bother Sweet Pea...lay off the sauce momma.

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