Friday, May 25, 2007

Fair Trade Coffee and Faith

Fair Trade Coffee

As I am becoming more intentional in my living and more knowledgeable on how even my basic daily practices affect the world in a ripple like effect. (did I get the effect and affect in the right order? I always get tripped up by this grammatical issue) One thing that I am very grm-ish about is how our coffee addictions are trapping the hard working, yet severely underpaid farmers in generations of poverty. As humans, I think we need to be informed about this phenomen. As a christian, I believe I need to actively be fighting against such oppression.

But here is the problem. I like my latte and I want it when I want it. So much so, that I will segregate my mind for the few luxurious minutes it takes for me to order my decaf, no sugar added, soy latte and then gulp it down. This organization that I linked has an information flyer that helps layout why we all need to aware of these issues. The coffeehouse I was at yesterday had a pile of these I am off to educate myself. Check it out!

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