Thursday, May 24, 2007


A little thought I had today...
The more we open ourselves up to grace from our source, the more we are able to give grace to ourselves. When we can have much grace for ourselves, we can have much grace for the other wonderfully human people we share our lives, our homes, our workplace with.

I used to think I could live a life of grace, sharing it with others, without having to open myself up to the reality that I too need that same sort of grace. I was hoping to bypass the whole vulnerability step. Now I know that I cannot skip a step. When I think about the people I have known that I feel live a life of grace, I think of strong individuals who have wisdom and kindness for themselves and others. I have found that there are many trying to be graceful, but only a handful actually achieving a life of grace. I want to cross over from the trying to be, to the achieving in my own life, and I now know what that requires. I must open myself up to the fullness of grace and become honest about my weakness. I need to forgive myself of humanness and embrace a peace that I am exactly what I was created to be. Being able to celebrate humanness helps me enjoy everything I hold dearest to me. My husband, my children, my friends and my family.

By golly, I think I'm getting it!

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