Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A day in the life of Baby J with asthma

Baby J was sleeping fitfully this evening and woke up inconsolable about an hour ago. I took her out of our bedroom and she started pulling at her pj's and grunting and carrying on. I took several minutes and could not calm her down, so I woke up David and we called the advice nurse at our hospital. Several minutes later with a very uncomfortable child we all decided to try a breathing treatment first, before bringing her to er. Several minutes into the breathing treatment she finally started calming down and her breathing changed. Thank God for modern technology. My mother had to take her child to the hospital blue, as did my aunt. I am grateful for the tools I need to deal with her quickly, in our home.

Here's the thing. 14 hours ago she was in the Dr. office for a re-check of her ears and she was fine. Completely okay. Her grunting was not the normal wheezing. She did not strike me as congested or anything. This came on sudden and didn't look like it ever had before. It took several minutes of assessing and a huge dose of mommy intuition to clue us in. Her mouth even started to turn blue. My poor baby girl. It is so frightening to watch your child suffer so. And I missed the early cues. I have lived with her asthma for almost two years and I have seen others in my family with asthma for most of my life... and I missed it.

It scares me to think that Sweet Pea might end up with this same ailment. We were so lucky to dodge a bullet with Boo. Can my mama's heart handle another sick baby? Mommies of asthma kids don't get a lot of sleep. It is inherent in the job description... informed worry is the worse sort of fear in the middle of the night.

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