Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Talking about how unconscious energy affects our lives is all the rage right now thanks to the book/ DVD The Secret and the sort, but it the ideas laid out in the book/ movement are not new ideas at all. The law of attraction has been tossed around for ages now and I firmly believe in the tenant that what you put out into the world comes back to you.

I think that we all have an enormous ability to impact the way our lives work, based solely on how we choose to perceive things and how we choose to handle them. Bad things do happen. Bad things do happen to us without our consent. Tragedy is all around us, all of the time and we cannot wish away the visits into our own lives, but how we respond to tragedy can make all of the difference.

I know that for me, when I am in the middle of a crisis my initial response is shutdown. Then I blame, and then finally I come to realize that I have an opportunity for growth. I know that I have choice in all areas of my response to a situation, but for a time I suspend that knowledge and feel powerless. Then as I start to open myself up to truth again, and only good has come of it. There are very few things that weigh my heart down these days. I am not crippled by fear or depression or bitterness on a daily basis, though it does sneak up on me now and again when I am not paying attention to my heart and intuition. For most things that have already happened, I am facing them and letting the residual affects pass through me. For the things I fear way off in the distance...illness, loss of life, change in stability... I try and remember that I cannot control their visitations on my life, but I can soak up what I have each moment until it is my time to deal with them. I will love fully, I will forgive deeply and I will look for the ability to choose life and truth in every area in my life.

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