Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of the great things about *Not* having a job

I get to read. I can read anything. I must read in small increments but the reading gets done just the same. I can soak up a good article, blog, or book and that is okay. A whole new world is opening up to me as a result. I have been a ferocious reader for years, but in school what I read, was dictated to me. After college, I dictated to myself that I read that which would fit into my work roles, or the genre of self help. In my early days of parenting, it was all about the art of raising a little human being.

Now I have the freedom to explore new subjects. I can dive into some deeply moving poetry. I can read on highly charged political issues. I can sink my teeth into some historical content or even social commentary. It is allowing me true freedom

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