Tuesday, August 7, 2007

From darkness to light

Darkness is what I find familiar but it is not what I was created to reflect. It is so comfortable to stay in shadow…in a most uncomfortable way. I was made for light. I want to become a soul that feels home in the light and feels foreignness when found in the cloaked night. The night is not the trusted blanket it claims to be. It is not going to simply wrap me in warmth. It will wrap me in darkness that will suffocate me…this I know.

When I hold on to the day into the dead of night I go from life to death. My soul needs nourishment and that is what the setting of sun invites. When I reject my need and try and find some secret elixir, I find myself empty and alone. The darkness can only offer me what it is…shadow of light. I want to choose to run into the light without shame. I choose to let night be a time of rejuvenation rather than a war of the soul.

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