Thursday, December 20, 2007

Core once bleeding now receives- First Draft...

Core once bleeding now receives
Gives freely love
Days passed grief behind
Now breathes freely
Streams of eternity washed clean

Once hated now embraced
Vulnerability of innocence
One day a time survived
Now past leave behind

Bring with new day grace
Understanding replaces hate
Expressing humanity stays
Roaming free in embrace

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I've Seen You

I know you
I’ve seen you ‘round here before
You’re face familiar
Your heart rote anger
Incarnation trapped
Beneath the rubble depravity
God’s words used arrogance
Human puppetry

Want to be God’s hands?
Want to speak God’s heart?
Want to share God's news?

Don’t come round here til then

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just Because

IMG_1403.JPG, originally uploaded by poetic mama.


IMG_1347.JPG, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

A Tear Shared

A tear of a dear sister can just rip your heart out. It is real and it is agony and you cannot change reality for them or yourself for that matter. When I am the best version of me I can allow a space free from my thoughts, my estimations, my perspectives. When I am living in the best sort of light I am able to say little and breathe deeply. I am able to listen to nuance and let opinion flee my soul.

Sure I might see a way through…but it is not mine to follow. Yes I might see from a step away from the chaos, but it is not mine to change…or even understand. What is mine, is to love and to be present. The soul I am sitting with is worthy of my presence. And I am worthy of such presence when time comes that my soul is the one shedding tear. This reality is proof that grace exists in this life.

Cookie Day 2007

IMG_1942.JPG, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

My new favorite holiday tradition is a Cookie Day. This event is the creation of my aunt's and it is wonderful. We get the wee ones together for cookie decorating and present opening. All of the kids are getting to the age where they can do so much of the work themselves and so we all had a blast! I love Christmas at kids pace! It's pure magic.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Check this out!

What conviction. In every frame I see my reflection... ouch. I have a long way to go...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah Oh Cheerio...

So... yesterday morning while frantically trying to wrap too many little present for my kiddos classmates, my three year old daughter came running up to and muttered a sentence that just made me stop dead in my tracks...

"Mommy... I have a cheerio stuck up my nose!!!"

Lucky for us, it was a small cheerio and it was not too far up that mommy's tweezers couldn't save the day.

Once that disaster was averted, it was back to the gift wrapping and getting out the door on time frenzy.

I have one little secret that aids me in being able to stay calm in situations like these... I remember that whatever is happening will eventually make a great blog entry. My kids are so lucky I have this blog as an outlet!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Creating Again

For a little while now my family has been on a bit of a creating hiatus...and that is entirely my fault. In my quest to become the most organized, put together, under control mother, I decided that crayons, markers, scissors and the like were really just contraband. And I like to consider myself as an artist... I now am hanging my head in embarrassment. It was pure sadness. My kids need to create. I need to create. We were born to express.

But now there is laughter and creation swirling around our home once again. As I sit at my kitchen table writing...Boo is coloring a christmas tree with all green ornaments except the top one which is yellow... to match the star on top. Baby J is creating a portrait of mommy, Boo, and Baby J going to lunch bunch (an extended stay program at the kiddos preschool.). Now she is making musical instruments with markers and crayons and she is playing a sweet tune.

With the creation comes the mess and finally... I am able to welcome the mess. I believe my children will be grateful for this subtle shift in the mommy's personality. My soul is already grateful for the change.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Finding a new groove

So... I've had three babies in five years. I've gone from a youth worker to a stay at home mom. I've had change and transition in every single area of my life. In the midst of all of the change, I have found me, but it's tricky because it's also so easy to lose me in all of this if you know what I mean. My soul has been screaming for growth. I need to learn. I need to evolve. I need to cultivate my desire to create.

So I am taking my love of photography to a new level. I'm going to take some classes and I'm joining a correspondence program. I have a new camera... which I love, love, love and I am just trying to get a feel for my new equipment. My kids are abuzz with their own cameras... they are immitating mommy and it is so cute. The creative juices are rising up in my and they are flowing again.

It excites me to do something that is just mine. Sure, I can incorporate my new skills with my mothering, but I am not learning for the mothering. It is something to do, just for growth and it is good. It is awesome to find a new groove.