Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Creating Again

For a little while now my family has been on a bit of a creating hiatus...and that is entirely my fault. In my quest to become the most organized, put together, under control mother, I decided that crayons, markers, scissors and the like were really just contraband. And I like to consider myself as an artist... I now am hanging my head in embarrassment. It was pure sadness. My kids need to create. I need to create. We were born to express.

But now there is laughter and creation swirling around our home once again. As I sit at my kitchen table writing...Boo is coloring a christmas tree with all green ornaments except the top one which is yellow... to match the star on top. Baby J is creating a portrait of mommy, Boo, and Baby J going to lunch bunch (an extended stay program at the kiddos preschool.). Now she is making musical instruments with markers and crayons and she is playing a sweet tune.

With the creation comes the mess and finally... I am able to welcome the mess. I believe my children will be grateful for this subtle shift in the mommy's personality. My soul is already grateful for the change.

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