Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Tear Shared

A tear of a dear sister can just rip your heart out. It is real and it is agony and you cannot change reality for them or yourself for that matter. When I am the best version of me I can allow a space free from my thoughts, my estimations, my perspectives. When I am living in the best sort of light I am able to say little and breathe deeply. I am able to listen to nuance and let opinion flee my soul.

Sure I might see a way through…but it is not mine to follow. Yes I might see from a step away from the chaos, but it is not mine to change…or even understand. What is mine, is to love and to be present. The soul I am sitting with is worthy of my presence. And I am worthy of such presence when time comes that my soul is the one shedding tear. This reality is proof that grace exists in this life.

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