Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A decision to Be

I have made a decision...
I've decided I am no longer seeking perfection, instead I think I'll go for the good enough... at least in this lifetime.

I think I made that decision in my mind quite some time ago. But now, I need my decision to be reflected in how my daily living happens.

I am most needing to remember that when someone points out my humanity. I have to remember that I have chosen to have a cluttered car and garage in this season of my life. I have to remind my soul that I have chosen to have clothes unfolded and dishes in the sink. I must remind my emotion not to be too sensitive when someone comments, because their comments are probably more about them being uncomfortable with their own humanity, than being uncomfortable with mine.

To be made wonderfully human is good enough for me. I'll save perfection for the next life.

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