Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I think the Blitz is over...

...I say while ducking (out of fear that I am inviting all sorts of horror into our lives).

The holidays are over, all of the get togethers and programs are in my sweet memory, and the birthdays and celebrations are now past. It is a very tough time of year... every time it comes round. Add a teething baby, two asthma kiddos, and the ongoing laundry monster that is created by a potty training preschooler, and things get infinitely more difficult.

All things considered... it was a wonderful season. There is so much joy in such a short amount of temporal space. I don't mind all of the hustle and bustle when I can see it within the context of why I am doing what I end up doing. Celebrating the birth of incarnate. Ringing in a whole new year. Giving thanks and celebrating the lives of my two little January babies. These events are all worth that extra work.

There were of course, the ugly times. My kids like to call them the mean mommy moments. Hopefully there will be fewer of those moments next year the time comes round again

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