Thursday, January 10, 2008

Memories of a not so distant past...

My girlfriend and I got into a great discussion the other night that was not kid related at all. The conversation rested on the issue of how different generations learn in different ways. She went to a workshop on the various characteristics that make each of the generations represented in the workforce, look at and respond to the world differently. She is a nurse, so her context was learning how to better teach procedure and mentor floor nurses, but as I listened to her experience, I could feel my brain juices flowing.

You see, the area of generational studies is something that I devoted a lot of my continuing education to during my time in educational ministry. Learning how to understand the generation I was reaching out to was imperative in my role as youth worker... at least from my vantage point. It was interesting to see the universality of the issues wrapped up in dealing with people from many generations at once. Many of the challenges the Nursing organization is experiencing are in fact the same challenges the church is trying navigate right now.

So here is the point of the post... it was so good to remember that I have areas of expertise that have nothing to do with my motherhood. At the risk of showing some residue of bitterness, I was reminded the other night that I did not have a good transition out of my career and into the role of stay at home mom. There were so many factors for that and blame is just really unhelpful in the processing of that time of my life. What I did not allow my soul to do was really drink deeply from the truths of that really important transition in the context of putting my career aspirations on hold. I really just ended up shutting that part of my brain down until I could grieve what it felt like to leave a job that defined me and how the people around me during that time responded to that.

But I was and still am a gifted thinker with lots of training and experience. The anger of others does not change that. I was and still am a woman with the responsibility to live an adult life and the lack of recognition of that by others does not change that truth either. The conversation that popped up with my friend the other night has given me a great gift... I can re-integrated that part of myself once again. Some day soon my wee ones are going to be in the going out phase... the writing on the wall is already there. When my season of nesting and nurturing in the home is over I have a new season to look forward to. I've known what I want to do with my career when my kids are ready,for quite some time now and it is exciting to remember that though the career I was in before motherhood was but for that season, it will fold very neatly in the design of the next season of career I have ahead of me.

And...I am not useful to the world merely for gestating and parenting children... and I've been really needing that reminder.

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