Sunday, February 17, 2008

An antique mall and the Goodwill

My dear friend and I went on a momma's day out today and had so much fun relaxing. We tried to have crepes for brunch, though the shop was closed... then we decided to have sandwiches and that place was also closed. Luckily, we found another little cafe and had some yummy eats. Then we strolled around one of the best little antique niches in the area. After a good deal of time, we were over loaded and needed a break. The hunt is so fascinating and fun. I was especially drawn to the handmade linens today, and each time I picked something up, I could not help but think about the woman who made that for her family and home. It also inspired me to make my own linens... a task I hope to begin in a couple of months.

Then we went to the local thrift store and I totally scored. I found great red slip on shoes for a dollar and change. Two yummy sweaters. A creamer and sugar set. A replacement Ikea water glass. A measuring cup for the husband's neti pot addiction. And a teapot, that unfortunately won't work for us, even as cool as it looks! So the teapot will go back, bringing our total to $23. I love the goodwill!

While chatting on our trip between the antiques and the thrifts, I realized something really important about the hunt for me. When there is something that I need I want it cheap. There were so many beautiful things at the antique shop, but they seem so, well, finished product. When I find something at the a thrift shop I think... Project. I love to find it and make it my own. Hopefully I get some pics of my new finds soon!

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