Monday, February 4, 2008

Being mindful of unconscious rhythms of relationship

If you have ever heard the Album Strange Little Girls by Tori Amos, this will make sense to you, but if not let me try and give some background info so what I am gonna say makes sense. Several years ago Tori picked several popular songs and covered them with a very different tone. She was making a point that these songs had very strong messages that were not being consciously evaluated. The song that was the most memorable to me was a song written by Eminim, and her style set chills down my spine. All she did was transfer the words of someone else and change the tone so that the words were heard in a new way.

I found myself in a similar situation recently and it was quite interesting indeed. And it got me thinking about how much of relating really goes on way underneath the surface. I want to be a woman who is tuning into that which is being communicated both overtly, as well as, what is happening more subtly. I want to have a deep awareness of how I am being in the world... and that takes practice. I do think it will be worth it for me to devote more energy to the practice of observation.

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