Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being online changes how we relate...

I recently got a very concise yet curt email reply from someone whom I've had little contact with in years. The speed at which the response came communicated a desire to engage, yet the tone was very much the opposite of that. I also had some interesting interactions within an online community I've been a *part of* for almost four years (the outer part as I read often and post occasionally) And the two interactions happening during the same week, really brought my eye to something really important.

Email and message boards change the way we relate to others. Had I taken the time to track down the acquaintance's number, called them and had the same interaction with them with the same question posed, they might have been inclined to be relational. Because it was on email, it didn't occur to them to use common pleasantries, and though it's been a while, I can at least wish you luck and good health in your endeavor.

And I am not calling that person out, because I have done that same thing countless times. I'm busy, so very busy ands o I must not stop and connect with anyone, I have missed so many opportunities to see someone and their place in the world as a result.

The online message board phenomenon is really tricky... and I don't even have the brain power to delve into that right now.

I cannot end this post without at least acknowledging how bizarre it is that I even chose to type this out on my public online blog. Yes I do realize how incongruent it is in some ways, and yet if the interaction happened via electronic communication... is it really so strange to process my human response electronically? I don't know... I just don't know.

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