Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sshhh... Don't tell my dear husband...

... but the littlest wee one just took his first step!!! Okay, so maybe it was really just a half of step, but that counts for something doesn't it?!? And he did it just for me. Poor Dh... the other two waited until daddy was home, but I'm thinking Sweet Pea is tired of being lost in the shuffle... he wanted to wow his mama... and wow me he did.

It is a beautiful day here. The weather has decided to skip spring and run straight towards summer. The breeze is blowing and kiddos are full of joy. Sweet pea did something new. I made it to the gym, and I'm actually caught up on Laundry.. ish. Life is good!

I love the region in which we live! Now, if only I can move out of the same zip code where my high school alma mater is! Now that would just be glorious.

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