Monday, March 3, 2008

My Sweet Pea

... Forgive me as this entry is a day late... we were all celebrating two special kids yesterday...

A year ago this time, I was so relieved to be holding my brand new healthy baby boy. I went into labor four weeks early and this mama was very nervous. I knew that four weeks could be okay for an infant, only making him slightly a premie, but because of the family history of asthma, I was hoping to keep him gestating longer than he wanted, so at 1:17 am little Sweet Pea made his way into our world, and our family. From the moment we met, I was in love. I called him my zen baby, because as long as his tummy was full, he was content and completely peaceful in his own skin.

I have learned so much about life from our sweet little boy. I have learned to release a little more of my need to control. He was conceived before I thought we were ready, he came out before I was ready to be done being pregnant, and he does most everything on his own time schedule. I just love that about him. He is my little surprise package. He's helped me slow down and trust the universe a little more. He is pure delight. A smile that makes you want to join in his joy. A laugh that stirs your soul, and a cry that makes you want to comfort.

Thank you sweet pea for coming exactly when you did. I so grateful I got to be there for every great moment of your first year of life and I cannot wait what you have planned for this next year. Mommy loves having a little slice of your peace and tranquility around our home and family.

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