Monday, March 31, 2008

Thoughts for a Monday morning

Over the past few months, my little space in the blogosphere has been changing and transforming. I like the direction things are going in. I love that I can have my irl friends and family participate, and I am also enjoying the opportunity to cultivate new friendships that are not bound to my geographical location or my specific walk of life. So in the coming weeks and months you might see some experiments and ideas travel through this space. Please have grace for me, as I figure out what works and what doesn't work for my blog.

You will probably see more poetry and more photography, as that is where my creative heart lives. You might hear more about my thoughts on relationship, as that is where my reality is, as I am trying to help three young souls navigate this life. You will definitely hear more of my voice coming together. I am evolving as a writer and a woman, and that will bring good things to the blogging table.

Hopefully you will want to come along as I continue on this journey. Thanks for all of your love and support thus far!!!

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