Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

(Let's just pretend that this entry was posted yesterday... I was never able to get back to write this post, but I want the ball rolling anyway.)

Because of my educational background I have to start the conversation by stating operational definitions of simple and easy. When I use the word simple, I mean unadorned, modest, and not elaborate. Honest and congruent. When I use the word easy, I mean not difficult, using the least amout of steps to get something accomplished, and painless.

Both easy and simple have warm spots in my heart. Both have strengths and weaknesses, and for the most part, what is simple or easy in my life is not necessarily universal. What works for me to have a simple life, that happens to be easy to accompish, will not always work for anyone else.

Saying all of this here is what I am thinking about this week.


Reality: My family must eat...three or more times a day... every day. A reality I am still coming to terms with. LOL!

Simple: Having the means to provide meals for my family at my fingertips

Easy :Having a way to present said meals quickly.

The tension lies in the reality that what is simple in concept is not easy. Having the means to provide meals for my family takes planning, shopping, preparing, organizing, and then cooking the meals. Totally not easy for me because I would rather play or write or take pictures, than organize my efforts in the kitchen. What is easy is bringing dinner in or going to the dinner. Take out or dine in could be simple except that I have three kids. It's expensive, it can produce a lot of waste and I have to get in the car to make it happen. So in thise area of life I think I choose the simple option. Organize, organize, organize.

So that's about it for now.


joyous melancholy said...

What we need is some sort of co-opt. I love to cook, I love grocery shopping. I hate to clean, I don't do dishes, I'm not a fan of doing laundry. Someone out there probably loves these things I don't enjoy doing. We should pool our resources, we might just come out ahead.

poetic mama said...

OOOO... I get dibbs on the cleanin duties and the doing of laundry if some one else promises to put the clothes away.