Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am so there... I mean really...

I so heart my Harvey's seatbelt bags... everyone who knows me, knows I love them so. This weekend there is an awesome faire going on, and I am so there.

Check this out! If I can travel a bit to go to Disneyland, I can travel the same bit to go support the handmade movement. Pack up the kids Honey... we're going to Santa Ana!

Hearing about this faire led me to one of the sponsoring business's site as well. I'm off to surf this site now!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My home life from a child's perspective...

Give a child, or as in this case, children a good camera... and this is what you get:

A beautiful display of uncostumed humanity. Uncensored, unedited, raw and wonderful. I just love that!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well you've already seen the *good* of our earth day weekend... it was indeed lots of fun and goodness. But to stop at the telling of the good would be to cut the weekend and it's lessons short. So in the spirit of authenticity, I will press on and share a bit of the not so good.

Most things about our Saturday celebration went exactly as planned. Baking bread, having dinner, creating together... it was all good. But then the kids went to bed and the sewing machine came out... and that was the beginning of the ugly. I know I've been talking about all of the creating going on around here and it is, but what I am not talking about is just how rusty my skills are in say, making a straight seam worthy of my creativity lineage. Have I mentioned that my great aunt was a professional seamstress, my grandmother a needle point artist? I also have an aunt who crochets and does needle work, another aunt that has done ceramics, and a mother that is a gifted knitter. So back to my straight, er not so straight seam...that I was trying to sew on felt adorned with wet paint and glues. As you might imagine, it did not go well... especially at 11 PM at night.

After fighting with a mediocre machine for way too long, working the fabric into some semblence of the beautiful banner I had pictured in my mind, I decided to hang the piece so that the kids would be wowed by it when the awoke the next morning. So I started hanging the banner 8 feet up on the wall of my dining myself. Have I mentioned that I am only 5 foot tall? Needless to say, it did not go well. In steps poor dh, and he tries to help, but in his * helping* he made things well even more of a challenge... mostly because I wasn't being very nice to him by this point and he reacted to that. In retrospect, how could I blame him? Then a hole appeared in our plaster and the gloves were off.

An hour later dh and I were exhausted, having spent all of our time and energy working through a small part of a larger problem in our relationship. We were able to talk it through, but in the end I was filled with sadness. Had I honored my anger in appropriate ways, we would have navigated that frustration fine, but alas I was tired and weary and I made it his problem. Happy Earth Day to us.

Luckily each day gives us new opportunity and with Sunday came rest, renewal and pancakes. The festival was really great... but there is one sizeable lesson I learned... When the weather is unfathomably hot and you are outdoors and your three year old wants face painting... don't let her get a lady bug motif on her entire face, and then offer her a snow cone right afterward. Huge me. Oh yeah, and definetly don't do that when you are on your way to a huge family party at a cousin's house where everything is adorable and clean. Luckily I had enough sense to ask to go to the bathroom with dd immediately so she could not spread the love.

So anyway... that's how things really happen around here, and I am proud of that. We have our mess... surely we do, and that is okay. When we can embrace each other as we were created to be it's gonna get messy at times... but it's so worth it in the end.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebrating Our Earth... and Creation in General

So it was a busy weekend in our little household... we celebrated Earth Day, a few days late, because that was when our favorite festival was held this year. It was a great day on Saturday having our own family celebration too. Here's a glimpse of our fun:

We baked pumpkin bread and had salad, veggies, rice, pita, a bit of chicken, and hummus and cucumbers... my kids love casual dinners and we were so happy to be able to eat outside. (Code for... it was freakin hot in the house!)

We read the kids two books...The Giving Tree and this one:

Then it was time to make our Thank You Earth Banner and we all did it as a family... even Sweet Pea participated, though he grew restless quickly.

We have decided to hang our Thank You Earth Banner in our Dining Room, though I suspect it will end up outside on our patio as we near the warmer weather. We want to have what we are grateful for right with us when it is time to thank the Lord at prayer time and meal time!

So this is the version of our weekend that is picture perfect for the blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, where I will reveal the good, the bad and the down right ugly of our Earth Day celebration. I cannot have a post on a blog about simplicity that doesn't keep it real. Much of what we did to celebrate was quite simplistic, but there were a few moments of chaos in there too. IYKWIM.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The clarity of childhood

So Boo climbed in bed with me this morning and told me about a bad dream he had last night. Dh gave me the heads up because when he woke up he informed daddy he had a bad dream, but wanted to wait and tell me. So Boo crawled underneath the covers with me and described his bad dream in great detail. I totally understood what bothered him so much. It was one of those processing real life issues while in dream state... you know, where the people are the same, but the environment is totally surreal. So after he described everything to me, being who I am, I predictably asked him what he was feeling during the dream... and his response totally floored me.

He stated how he felt and then he launched into an analogy to better describe his emotion... in his dream no less. My five year old can communicate and contextualize his experience and his emotional process so well. My five year old is able to do what took me three years into my own therapeutic process to just comes so natural to him. We talk about understanding and appropriately communicating our emotion a lot in our family, but to my memory I don't really go into analogies to further deal with their emotions... at least not yet. Give me time. So I don't think we have modeled that behavior... he has just intuited it.

I found the entire conversation with my baby big boy to be so amazing and insightful. It comes at a very good time as we have been dealing with his less becoming human qualities recently... if you know what I mean. He's been really difficult, but it is really good to see that the seeds of maturity are planted deeply in him and will come to fruition in the right time.

Again and again and am filled with gratitude for being chosen to mother this specific child. It is the best gig in the world to be my Boo's mama!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

I don't feel like being deep for a post about simplicity today and so, in the spirit of simplicity I'm not gonna. I have a few thoughts swimming around and there will be time for that next week... or the week after that. Today I am going to rest and be where I am at emotionally speaking.

I want to share about my experience of being fully awake in my life right now. It is really hard. It is hard to stay with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. It is really difficult to be humble to the reality that I have been really human in my life and that means things get messy sometimes. And I am having a really difficult time being graceful and gentle with myself this week. That is my truth and I just have to share that here.

I hope you all are having a week of simplicity and peace. I am having a week of simplicity but peace has been hard to come by... I will take that over numbness anyday.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Our family is going to wait for the weekend to really celebrate our earth. We are going back to the same festival dh husband took the older kids to last year. It will be at a local animal rescue station and there will be great food, fun games, and lots to learn. We are also gonna make a thank you mother earth banner to remind us to be grateful for god's creation. It will be much fun!

I was reading my post from last year around earth day and I was struck by just how little I had improved in this area of our family life. I have a long and very worthy list to tackle, but at least I've worked on one really important area of our daily living. I don't want to focus on the fact that I am still putting sposies on my baby's bottom, or that I've not switched to mama cloth yet... I don't want to paralyse myself for not being perfect. Instead, I want to celebrate where movement has happened.

We are buying, consuming, and holding onto less stuff. We are saving money by searching for things we need and even somtimes want at our local thrift stores and garage sales. I'm also asking people if they have something I need, collecting dust in their garages somewhere. We have less stuff, and more space. Less clutter and more time for things we love because we don't have to waste time looking for lost items underneath a bunch of stuff we don't need. And a huge bonus point for me... I've rediscovered my love for the thrift store hunt.

This coming year, I want to find a couple of more problem items on my list from last year and work on new solutions for our family that are both gentle on the earth and simple to execute in our daily family living.

So I hope you are having a wonderful earth day! Enjoy the abundance we are living among!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting things finished...

So last week I posted about my unfinished project list and this has been a busy week.

I finished one of the baby doll I just gotta remember how to get it off the needles and/or beg my mom to give me a refresher course on casting off... it's been that long since I've finished a knitting project.

I finished my photography projects, now all I have to do is print and mail my first assignment and tests in. I'm so excited about this!!!

Having these projects out of my way, makes room in my mind and in my craft area for more projects to be started. Next on the list are the bed bags and the art bags. After that I will nail down my projects for the kiddos christmas gifts. Three kids, three gifts each... I need as much time as I can get!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Knitting Bag

New Knitting Bag, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

So for $3 I found this cute little bag that is perfect for one of my small knitting projects. I've finished one of the baby doll blankets, but I have one more to go... and what better way to travel than in this fun bag made in Argentina or made by someone named Argentina... the tag is unclear. One of the things I love most about the thrift store hunt, is that there is usually a story behind the items i choose. And if the story is not evident, my imagination can't help but make up a background story just the same.

Fashionista of the Year Award

So Thursday I thought I looked cute... until I realized at like 9:30 at night, that I had the wrong bra on and it was exposed, showing the lovely nursing Bra Bravado logo... all day long!!!

Do I need to write an acceptance speech when I accept the award?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

Okay, I have my venti sugar free vanilla soy latte in hand so here we go for this morning...

Saying No

Reality: No is a vital component of any type of communal living. Family, School, Work, Community, Country, World. I recently heard Gavin De Becker say that No is a complete sentence...not the beginning of a negotiation.

Simple: The word is simple
Easy: Saying no is easy enough, but having "your yes mean your yes and your no mean your no", is actually quite difficult.

I am terrible at this. This is a huge area of needed growth for me and I am being disciplined in this truth, in all aspects of my life right now. I am finally just starting to lean into the reality that I have an opportunity to evolve now that the light is on this area of weakness.

I don't feel like I have much wisdom for this, but I know I have a lot of questions about this issue. Chime in if you'd like...
1. How do you understand saying no?
2. How do you reconcile the reality that you will disappoint others?
3. How do you practice no, so that it is direct and yet respectful... all at once?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

poetic mosiac...

"If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain,
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.'
-- Emily Dickinson

My soul has opened to a new understanding on how to really accomplish my foundation goal in the world. When I was reading through a book from the library... "The Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson", this bit of work reached out and grabbed my attention because it resonated the truth my soul is now open to.

I want to be an energy of encouragement in the world. I have known for a very long time that I have been given the gift of discernment, the gift of compassion... often coined as the gift of service, and the gift of communication. I want to pour those gifts into the world in such a way as to encourage fellow travelers. Wisdom is teaching me that my path towards that simplicity is to follow my feelings of pain and vulnerability back to their sources in my childhood. Grieve those pools of memory pain allowing transformation to rise up in me. I will be a better source of encouragement if I remember my own experience of brokenness and vulnerability. Staying with that will take me to my greater goal of being present for someone else.

All of that reminded me of something I penned years ago...

Robin- July 12, 2001

running fast breath swallowed time
escape the porcelain- divorce the mind
crime, crime broke the priceless melody
left a wounded crying child-
amidst unfathomable debris

endless memory replayed denied
run from girl- me beyond the eyes
violence, violence crushed sweet song
left a hollow worthless shell-
exposed to nightmare reality

years behind pain ahead
breath caught- deflates porcelain soul
crying, crying releases balming harmony
brings the child to her knees in truth-
wrapping agony around hope bittersweet

Treasure Hunt

So a new weekly-ish thing I want to start round these parts is a photo telling of my local thrift shop finds. For this first installment, I want to share finds from the past several months... Enjoy!

The shelf, cream and sugar set, and the tray were all thrift finds!

$1 shoes... all toe scuffs are mine since I have worn them almost daily for a month now!

Cute little trivet!

Yesterday's finds... a new suitcase to finish out our new traveling costume closet...Thank you Soulemama, a purse made out of newspaper, and a few new books for the wee ones. The purse will get a post all of it's own!

Monday, April 14, 2008


My mind is moving faster than my fingers and composition these days. Here's my growing list...

1. Getting the two baby doll blankets off the's only been a year geeze
2. Make art bags for my kiddos
3. Finish birthday banners
4. Send in photo assignments
5. Make bed bags for kids
6. Start christmas present creations

It's good to be home!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm not a gourmet cook...

IMG_6473.JPG, originally uploaded by poetic mama.
... but I understand the beauty of food. I am so not a huge fan of cooking, but I love the idea of family memories made around the dinner table, and so food must be provided for that. I am finally feeling comfortable breaking the rules inside my mind of what "dinner" should look like. This past week, I decided to clear the shelf of tidbits of leftovers and here's what I came up with. I loved preparing it. The family loved eating it. It was great fun. Smiles and joy around our table is what i'm going for and though the path to that was unorthodox, it sure was fun for us all!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

For everything there is a season

R.I.P Dr. Cook

I am so sad. He was a great man, a great leader, and someone I have admired from afar for a very long time. He lived a good, strong life and the legacy he leaves behind is amazing. I am so sad for his family and the greater community of Biola University. I am a changed woman because of his leadership and I know his soul is dancing freely now.

What has been missing returns.

The spark has come back for us all. The look of glee has returned to kid's eyes. The feeling of peace has visited my soul and not just stayed for a bit, but is now actually setting up home inside of my heart. I am the keeper of me and mine once more, and it is good...very good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Journey

Nature Walk, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy


Reality: Relationship is a core dynamic of our nature. Relationship with other people is difficult. We all need relationship to grow and thrive in this world. Relationship is wonderful and wonderfully frightening all at once.

Simple: When it is working well, two or more people come together, to connect in meaningful ways. Each knowing themselves and where they are in the world while being open to the changes that a relationship will bring to them.

Easy: Well, I am totally biased on this, but I think that when we talk about relationship in the context of easiness, then we are already in really big trouble, because by nature, relationship takes real hard work...most of the time.

So here it is the lesson on this in my life recently... when I am seeking the easy way to relate, I am going to be in a mess of trouble emotionally speaking. I am feeling the consequences of that in many areas all at once. If you've seen the movie Runaway Bride, the journalist who was tracking the past of the fourth attempt bride, would always ask the thwarted groom how the bride liked her eggs. And every time the groom's answer would be the same..."she likes them the same way I do..." At the end of the movie, as her internal world was finally catching up to her understanding of her behavior, she sits down at a table with several different egg dishes prepared in many ways. She sat there and tasted each one so that she could discover which way she liked her eggs. Rather than blending into someone elses idea of who she should be, she decided to discover who she really is.

I am sitting at that table right now. I am having to re evaluate how I want to be in the world and that can make things uncomfortable in my relationships. I want my relationships to be more simple. Simply connected, simply appropriate, simply deliniated. I no longer want to take the easy way out, in order to avoid conflict. That complicates simplicity very quickly. I have failed miserably in relationship over the years, and I have also had many successes, and I am constantly evolving, and this is a part of my evolution now.

So, here are my questions for you... should relationship be both simple and easy? How can simplicity be encouraged in a relational setting? What dynamics work for you? What pitfalls to you find?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life with the wee ones

Life, originally uploaded by poetic mama.
So my momma alarms went off the other day, as the house was too quiet. This is how I found my sweet angels. Can I just say, cleaning up flaxseed meal is a pain in the butt! Once the mess was created, I let them play it in... which is so not my MO. They had so much fun in the mess.


Life, originally uploaded by poetic mama.
Guess who found the flaxseed meal?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Business of Being Born

What an interesting a provacative movie on birth and the cultural norms surrouinding our understanding of the birthing experience. I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago and it sparked something deep inside of me and I had to write about my own experience. This is a deeply personal view of my heart and I am totally comfortable sharing this here... it is simply my truth and it is poetic in every way. I am sharing it here because we women need to talk about the reality of birthing more truthfully. Our birthing experiences are foundational to our view of ourselves and our understanding of they mothering world. If I believe that and state that, I need to supplement that with my very own voice... so here it is.

I am five plus years away from my first birthing experience and it is only just now, as I have evolved as a woman and as a human being living my life the way I choose, that I understand the fog of the last five years… and maybe a part of that fog started the day I began fertility treatments seven years ago.

And I am angry. It is an anger that is greatly informed by everything that is in my soul. I am angry because I believed that I could not do what my body was born to do. I am angry because I stayed the young person who did not adequately question the status quo or the authorities that were telling me I was broken and only got into the position of being with child because some doctor fixed me. I allowed myself to be stripped from a pivotal and transformative experience that would have aided me greatly as I journeyed into the role of mothering. I am angry that I stayed the good little girl who was scared and incapable of making my own decisions for my body and my child.

I had three medicated and complicated births and each and every one of them was traumatic on some level. And each of them added to the very basic trauma that put me in the position to be able to be a 27, 29 and 31 year old woman who did not understand some very basic truths about where I- my body, my mind, my spirit and my soul- began and other people were not supposed to be able to go. And so I took the conventional way out.

Once on the other side of that, I was then given the message that I was not allowed to mention, let alone grieve and heal from the trauma because I had a healthy beautiful baby in my arms. A message I gave myself first. That right there is the beginning of five long, hard years of depression, repression, and isolation.

My first birth started well… very well. And then it went bad…very bad. I will always question whether the beginning of the interventions were a hidden blessing, or the start of the downward slope into what eventually needed real medical rescue. I can grieve that, but I have to look at that straight on. I have to claim what was my part in the process and what was not. It hurts, at the very center of my being.

My second birth was pure and simply unnecessary pain. I felt my c-section and I was laying on a table trusting two docs that should have heard my discomfort and waited to start surgery. It was not an emergency, but they were not with me emotionally, in the moment I communicated that I was not adequately anesthetized. It is the worst pain I have ever endured, and it could have been easily avoided.

My third birth was complicated. Preterm, transverse, and emergent. We had to get the baby out and safe. I tried to stop labor for five long days and night… I endured a day of active labor, hoping beyond hope, that I could keep baby in for just two more weeks. My grace and mercy were my excellent and empathetic ob/gyn and anesthesiologist .

In all three cases I was safe and I welcomed a beautiful , healthy and safe child. But I was wounded, and I was weary and I was thrust into baby care without adequate healing. That was my fog, three times over.

And then there was my miscarriage, and while it was not birthing… it was letting go of a tiny part of my heart forever. I know that liitle soul soars above me holding hands with my little niece/ nephew. They would both be three had they been able to meet earth, but sadly they will never have that… but those of us who held them in our hearts and in our bodies will always have them and hold them somewhere deep inside our core. I will always remember them.

In the end, I have learned that birthing is something completely human in every way, while at the very same time something not of this earth at all. And that truth is mine… a small corner of creation that I was privileged to participate in for a moment in time. I share this truth with the women who came before me and women who will come after me. I need to respect it and revere it. I need to keep it near me and process it’s truth for the rest of my time hear on this planet.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nature Walk and Drawing time...

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Here are our morning activities!

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

Spring Break, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

I love my home

I have fielded several comments about *needing* a bigger house ever since we added wee one number three to our family. My family lives in a typical 1950's style ranch tract home that is 1100 sq. feet and we bought it almost five years ago, right at the beginning of the housing craze in our area. Six months after moving into our home, we were priced out of our own neighborhood... but then timing is everything. We bought at the top of what we felt comfortable with, even though we were approved for something much higher, and thank goodness. We bought within our means and we are comfortable in our pint size mortgage and home five years later. All the while, this is what is happening all around the country.

And now I have a response to the message that I need more space than I have... I love my home, and I love that I can afford my home without worry of financial difficulty. I see less space as an opportunity to think creatively about living and organizing. I enjoy downsizing my ideas of what a family of five *needs*

Now sure, I would love a bigger home... who wouldn't? But I can't afford a bigger home and I am totally content in that reality. I also understand that when the advice is given, it is given out of a place of love and best interest, so my bone to pick is not with the messenger... it's the message.

More stuff does not equal more happiness. I would much rather sacrifice space and stuff, so that one parent can be home during these precious years with the kiddos. I am immensely grateful that I am the one doing that in this season. I am good, and my family, they are really good too. And we are financial surviving because we are living in our means.

Simple living is wonderful

Spring Break!!!!!!!

YAY! The kids are home this week and we are going to have so much fun. My husband was surprised by my joy this year, because last year I was filled with dread the day before spring break came. I had to remind him of a couple of things:

1. I don't have newborn care to juggle with active older children. Sweet Pea (or Bubbas as his nickname is evolving around here) can keep up with the older kiddos quite well these days!

2. I got 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep last night, so I am actually ready for the day of play.

So Bring it On!!!

Thanks to Amanda and The Creative Family we have a bunch of ideas of how to spend our week. Hopefully as we create, I will be able to share it with you. I am trying not to structure the week too much... which is really difficult for me...but I want the kids' imaginations to set the tone of how things go.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Frog and Toad Book Picture

Frog and Toad Book Picture, originally uploaded by gefilte.

Frog and Toad End

Frog and Toad End, originally uploaded by gefilte.
Spring has sprung and art is blooming all around us. Here is some photobooth fun Boo had. He named his installment and picked out this piece for the blog... so here you go! I love Boo's creativity!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


breath between good and bad
where nothingness resides...
...not pain
...not glory
...not relation divine

outside in cold cavernous time
demons run rampant
zealots steal rhyme
innocence gambled
sanctuary lost
transcendence denied

nothingness though sweet
numbs a soul from its story...
...of love
...of grace
...of time

little girl regime

overwhelming symphony
containment soul incomplete
hide and seek, and seek
can you see little bo peep?

seeping pain onto dim facade
bleeding into itself, macabre
around the maypole with mob
was it mary that you called?

crashing through mystery
school rhymes unfold comedy
breaks a soul with misery regime
of what should never be received....

Stop the Rhyme...bring me into... Truth.

Girlish dreams,
shattered realtiy,
pushed down truth,
raped of time,
stripped of proof.

Painted face,
fell in line,
covered up pain,
protection intervenes
my truth hurts...

Innocence Regained

November 8, 1995...

Not just knowledge
it means much more
in each breathing moment
Heart Mind Soul

Heart that carries pain
experienced it yet found love
choosing not to play victim
instead looking to the One

The mind sees the reasons
the pain can understand
yet stops trying to know the cause
reaches to grasp One’s hand

A soul that thirsts
searching for One’s face
understanding life’s cruel pain
as a world in need of grace

Not just knowledge
it is a gift, its power changes ways
and allows me experience with One
who gives life its lasting name

innocence crystallized

when we’re young our innocence requires us vulnerable
the gift of childhood is plasticity and wonder
so when life happens as surely it must
our childlike qualities wrap around us
crystallizing to keep the harsh winter out
all so life can continue deep underneath
where living water will sustain for a time
when the new creation can re-immerge
in the springtime of life


Walking through the courtyard feeling lead in my step
click click click of my heel as I run to beat the terror
can’t shake the trail of weeping behind the eye
an over the should glance to check my stride.

Closely I am followed by the memory of past unknown
yet known in every burdened step I take
one two- one two the beat pulses the cement
an almost dance like motion between woman and child within

Over a bridge leading from yesterday to tomorrow
I stop for a moment and my shadow collides with heart
in the now I am forced to reconcile
a memory of child with a future of woman.

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

Good Morning...I hope you grabbed your cup of coffee or tea!

Today what I *want* to talk about, and what I *am* going to talk about are two different things. I want to continue a conversation that I am having in my head about relationship, but I am too tired to deal with that right now. Instead I will talk about Laundry... a beast I feel like I can tackle in word and thought this morning. Who knows, maybe there will be another post today, when my coffee kicks in.


Reality: The family needs clothes to wear...that can mostly pass for clean. And we need this every day, so this task never ends!!! I hate this reality...just hate it.

Simple: Having a logical way to retrieve "clean clothes" daily...allowing us all to get out of the house in a mannerly way and to look presentable in the world.

Easy: Having an orderly system to make this happen regularly without me losing my mind.

Laundry is another one of those things in life that is pretty simple in concept and yet extremely difficult for me to accomplish in this season of life. I mean, don't the kids know that they need to suspend their needs while I'm in the middle of my nice neat laundry takes all day mode? Before I had small children I hated laundry too, but I could devote 10 hours of my undivided attention to taming the beast, once in awhile. Plus I had the money and time to go out and buy new underwear and socks for my dh and I when I failed to tame that beast in a timely manner!

Now, I have five of us to clean clothes for and each member of the family is really good at creating distractions for me as I am trying to accomplish the tasks.(I think I provide myself with more *distraction* than everyone else put together... can we all say procrastination?) About a year ago I realized that I was never gonna get the luxary of a block of time, that I could/ would want to devote to this ornery task, andso with that new perspective I was able to re-evaluate my system. It has been a slow process, but I am actually making some progress.

What I have done so far:

1. I organized the dirties by whites and everything (only two catagories because I only use cold/ warm water... so I don't have to sort out any further) I bought laundry hampers that reflect those two catagories and I have one in the boys room for all three kids and I have one in my room for dh and I. That way when I'm folding and putting away I am dealing with similar sizes of clothes for a whole load at a time. It makes me less crazy.

2. I have made a rule that I don't leave laundry folded and not put away... I hate the putting away process and I would leave my clothes in stacks forever if I could. And I was, which led to one of the three little "helpers" finding my stacks and "re-organizing" them for me. Which would lead to a spring coming loose inside my brain. I would suspend all rational thought and just freak out for bit causing that "Mommy is scary and crazy" glaze to come over my kiddos countanence. And that is just crazy... pure craziness.

What I need to do:
1. I need to find someone who will do it all for me, for free... Any takers?!? But really ...

2. I need to find a way to store the clothes from out of the dryer to when I can stop and take the five minutes to fold that load. On top of the dryer is not working. In the laundry baskets isn't helping and on the dining room chair is creating chaos when I turn my back.

So what do you do to work a system so it works for you????

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

YAY SouleMama!!!!

Amanda's book came out today...I actually got mine in the mail last night... thank you Amazon! It is wonderful! I am even using a part of the introduction as a devotional tomorrow.

If you are a parent, go out and get this book. Run fast as you can!