Friday, April 25, 2008

The clarity of childhood

So Boo climbed in bed with me this morning and told me about a bad dream he had last night. Dh gave me the heads up because when he woke up he informed daddy he had a bad dream, but wanted to wait and tell me. So Boo crawled underneath the covers with me and described his bad dream in great detail. I totally understood what bothered him so much. It was one of those processing real life issues while in dream state... you know, where the people are the same, but the environment is totally surreal. So after he described everything to me, being who I am, I predictably asked him what he was feeling during the dream... and his response totally floored me.

He stated how he felt and then he launched into an analogy to better describe his emotion... in his dream no less. My five year old can communicate and contextualize his experience and his emotional process so well. My five year old is able to do what took me three years into my own therapeutic process to just comes so natural to him. We talk about understanding and appropriately communicating our emotion a lot in our family, but to my memory I don't really go into analogies to further deal with their emotions... at least not yet. Give me time. So I don't think we have modeled that behavior... he has just intuited it.

I found the entire conversation with my baby big boy to be so amazing and insightful. It comes at a very good time as we have been dealing with his less becoming human qualities recently... if you know what I mean. He's been really difficult, but it is really good to see that the seeds of maturity are planted deeply in him and will come to fruition in the right time.

Again and again and am filled with gratitude for being chosen to mother this specific child. It is the best gig in the world to be my Boo's mama!

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