Monday, April 28, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well you've already seen the *good* of our earth day weekend... it was indeed lots of fun and goodness. But to stop at the telling of the good would be to cut the weekend and it's lessons short. So in the spirit of authenticity, I will press on and share a bit of the not so good.

Most things about our Saturday celebration went exactly as planned. Baking bread, having dinner, creating together... it was all good. But then the kids went to bed and the sewing machine came out... and that was the beginning of the ugly. I know I've been talking about all of the creating going on around here and it is, but what I am not talking about is just how rusty my skills are in say, making a straight seam worthy of my creativity lineage. Have I mentioned that my great aunt was a professional seamstress, my grandmother a needle point artist? I also have an aunt who crochets and does needle work, another aunt that has done ceramics, and a mother that is a gifted knitter. So back to my straight, er not so straight seam...that I was trying to sew on felt adorned with wet paint and glues. As you might imagine, it did not go well... especially at 11 PM at night.

After fighting with a mediocre machine for way too long, working the fabric into some semblence of the beautiful banner I had pictured in my mind, I decided to hang the piece so that the kids would be wowed by it when the awoke the next morning. So I started hanging the banner 8 feet up on the wall of my dining myself. Have I mentioned that I am only 5 foot tall? Needless to say, it did not go well. In steps poor dh, and he tries to help, but in his * helping* he made things well even more of a challenge... mostly because I wasn't being very nice to him by this point and he reacted to that. In retrospect, how could I blame him? Then a hole appeared in our plaster and the gloves were off.

An hour later dh and I were exhausted, having spent all of our time and energy working through a small part of a larger problem in our relationship. We were able to talk it through, but in the end I was filled with sadness. Had I honored my anger in appropriate ways, we would have navigated that frustration fine, but alas I was tired and weary and I made it his problem. Happy Earth Day to us.

Luckily each day gives us new opportunity and with Sunday came rest, renewal and pancakes. The festival was really great... but there is one sizeable lesson I learned... When the weather is unfathomably hot and you are outdoors and your three year old wants face painting... don't let her get a lady bug motif on her entire face, and then offer her a snow cone right afterward. Huge me. Oh yeah, and definetly don't do that when you are on your way to a huge family party at a cousin's house where everything is adorable and clean. Luckily I had enough sense to ask to go to the bathroom with dd immediately so she could not spread the love.

So anyway... that's how things really happen around here, and I am proud of that. We have our mess... surely we do, and that is okay. When we can embrace each other as we were created to be it's gonna get messy at times... but it's so worth it in the end.

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