Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Our family is going to wait for the weekend to really celebrate our earth. We are going back to the same festival dh husband took the older kids to last year. It will be at a local animal rescue station and there will be great food, fun games, and lots to learn. We are also gonna make a thank you mother earth banner to remind us to be grateful for god's creation. It will be much fun!

I was reading my post from last year around earth day and I was struck by just how little I had improved in this area of our family life. I have a long and very worthy list to tackle, but at least I've worked on one really important area of our daily living. I don't want to focus on the fact that I am still putting sposies on my baby's bottom, or that I've not switched to mama cloth yet... I don't want to paralyse myself for not being perfect. Instead, I want to celebrate where movement has happened.

We are buying, consuming, and holding onto less stuff. We are saving money by searching for things we need and even somtimes want at our local thrift stores and garage sales. I'm also asking people if they have something I need, collecting dust in their garages somewhere. We have less stuff, and more space. Less clutter and more time for things we love because we don't have to waste time looking for lost items underneath a bunch of stuff we don't need. And a huge bonus point for me... I've rediscovered my love for the thrift store hunt.

This coming year, I want to find a couple of more problem items on my list from last year and work on new solutions for our family that are both gentle on the earth and simple to execute in our daily family living.

So I hope you are having a wonderful earth day! Enjoy the abundance we are living among!!!

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