Monday, April 7, 2008

I love my home

I have fielded several comments about *needing* a bigger house ever since we added wee one number three to our family. My family lives in a typical 1950's style ranch tract home that is 1100 sq. feet and we bought it almost five years ago, right at the beginning of the housing craze in our area. Six months after moving into our home, we were priced out of our own neighborhood... but then timing is everything. We bought at the top of what we felt comfortable with, even though we were approved for something much higher, and thank goodness. We bought within our means and we are comfortable in our pint size mortgage and home five years later. All the while, this is what is happening all around the country.

And now I have a response to the message that I need more space than I have... I love my home, and I love that I can afford my home without worry of financial difficulty. I see less space as an opportunity to think creatively about living and organizing. I enjoy downsizing my ideas of what a family of five *needs*

Now sure, I would love a bigger home... who wouldn't? But I can't afford a bigger home and I am totally content in that reality. I also understand that when the advice is given, it is given out of a place of love and best interest, so my bone to pick is not with the messenger... it's the message.

More stuff does not equal more happiness. I would much rather sacrifice space and stuff, so that one parent can be home during these precious years with the kiddos. I am immensely grateful that I am the one doing that in this season. I am good, and my family, they are really good too. And we are financial surviving because we are living in our means.

Simple living is wonderful

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