Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

Good Morning...I hope you grabbed your cup of coffee or tea!

Today what I *want* to talk about, and what I *am* going to talk about are two different things. I want to continue a conversation that I am having in my head about relationship, but I am too tired to deal with that right now. Instead I will talk about Laundry... a beast I feel like I can tackle in word and thought this morning. Who knows, maybe there will be another post today, when my coffee kicks in.


Reality: The family needs clothes to wear...that can mostly pass for clean. And we need this every day, so this task never ends!!! I hate this reality...just hate it.

Simple: Having a logical way to retrieve "clean clothes" daily...allowing us all to get out of the house in a mannerly way and to look presentable in the world.

Easy: Having an orderly system to make this happen regularly without me losing my mind.

Laundry is another one of those things in life that is pretty simple in concept and yet extremely difficult for me to accomplish in this season of life. I mean, don't the kids know that they need to suspend their needs while I'm in the middle of my nice neat laundry takes all day mode? Before I had small children I hated laundry too, but I could devote 10 hours of my undivided attention to taming the beast, once in awhile. Plus I had the money and time to go out and buy new underwear and socks for my dh and I when I failed to tame that beast in a timely manner!

Now, I have five of us to clean clothes for and each member of the family is really good at creating distractions for me as I am trying to accomplish the tasks.(I think I provide myself with more *distraction* than everyone else put together... can we all say procrastination?) About a year ago I realized that I was never gonna get the luxary of a block of time, that I could/ would want to devote to this ornery task, andso with that new perspective I was able to re-evaluate my system. It has been a slow process, but I am actually making some progress.

What I have done so far:

1. I organized the dirties by whites and everything (only two catagories because I only use cold/ warm water... so I don't have to sort out any further) I bought laundry hampers that reflect those two catagories and I have one in the boys room for all three kids and I have one in my room for dh and I. That way when I'm folding and putting away I am dealing with similar sizes of clothes for a whole load at a time. It makes me less crazy.

2. I have made a rule that I don't leave laundry folded and not put away... I hate the putting away process and I would leave my clothes in stacks forever if I could. And I was, which led to one of the three little "helpers" finding my stacks and "re-organizing" them for me. Which would lead to a spring coming loose inside my brain. I would suspend all rational thought and just freak out for bit causing that "Mommy is scary and crazy" glaze to come over my kiddos countanence. And that is just crazy... pure craziness.

What I need to do:
1. I need to find someone who will do it all for me, for free... Any takers?!? But really ...

2. I need to find a way to store the clothes from out of the dryer to when I can stop and take the five minutes to fold that load. On top of the dryer is not working. In the laundry baskets isn't helping and on the dining room chair is creating chaos when I turn my back.

So what do you do to work a system so it works for you????


Anonymous said...

i think it must have been difficult to write a dissertation on laundry rituals instead of just a continuance of last week's topic. is there a reason? and i do have a solution for the laundry issue... go naked, your nephew loves it!

Poetic Mama said...


You so know me!


...and can I just say, I love having a sister!!!