Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Confessions of a Mostly Crunchy Momma ...

...that still likes to take her kids to McDonald’s

I cannot stop my fast food addiction. I have traveled so far into the lifestyle where my ideals and my behavior are congruent…but there is a huge gaping hole in this area of my daily living. In the past five years I have been able to switch from toxic cleaners to natural non-petroleum based cleaners. I have made the transition to organic eating in the home. I don’t eat red meat…or much meat at all anymore. I shop local when I can, buy used if I can find what is needed, and use cloth in many areas of my home. I have gone from a junk food junkie, T.V. watching, gas guzzling diva,… to a conservation minded, canvas bag toting, NPR listening, knitting, thrifting momma.

But here is the truth. Not only do I still take my kiddos to McDonald’s and other fast food establishments… I actually enjoy it. Way Too Much! From the horrible for you , but oh so tasty french fries, to the crappy, non eco-friendly plastic toys for my kids. McDonald’s sure did make a huge impression on me. I can know in my head how horrible the food is for me, how hurtful the labor practices are for their workers, and how atrocious their waste is for our earth. I can know this in my head, but I still need to take just one more hit. That’s some masterful marketing… and now they don’t even need to worry about marketing to my children… I make the Micky- Dee’s case to my kiddos for the corporation. And that’s all free to them. Maddening I tell you.

I need to break the cycle. Seriously.

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Steph said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one *insert bag over head*.