Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Habitat for Humanity

So dh is often quite creative and brilliant if you ask me and I mean that in the general and in the specific. Several months ago we finally decided to purchase and install new solid wood interior doors in our home. Several of the door jams were splitting and the doors were hung hastily and carelessly right before we bought our house. The problem we had though, was that the doors themselves were in great shape, but hollow and not our choice with three little ones and all of the noise that comes with such joy. We were very conflicted in the decision because we didn't want good doors to go into a landfill. First I tried freecycle and no luck. Then I tried word of mouth...which was also fruitless. So dh decided to do some research and he followed a link from a link, from a link, which led him to our local Habitat for Humanity chapter. So he arranged a pick up and sure enough all four doors will be put to good use.

I have to tell you that my experience with the drivers today was the nicest interaction I have ever had when I have donated something to an organization. I regularly give to Goodwill and until recently, Salvation Army. The men from Habitat were kind, knowledgeable and professional. I felt like the donation is really gonna go to someone in need. They gave me a flyer of what things they are needing and they told me to pass the word along... which of course, I totally am. This list comes from the local Home Store in my area. If you are thinking about what to do with decent materials you are needing to dispose of, I totally recommend them. There is a $5.00 fuel charge and your waste can become someone's blessing and good fortune. It was a source of huge light in my day!

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