Monday, May 5, 2008

Handmade Toys

Handmade Toys, originally uploaded by poetic mama.

So the family.. and a few friends, headed out to the handmade fair yesterday and what excitement it was! Great people, good music, and lots of great things to look at, be inspired by, and take home. Boo has a new favorite toy... a robot, that he has named Robot Box, or R.B. Baby J has a new doll that she named fox.

Here's the greatest part though, when we brought the toys home today, we explained that they would have to choose one toy to give away. Baby J went around the house finding anything that was one of her brothers' to give away... I don't think she quite got the point. But Boo, he totally got it. He chose a favorite Lightening McQueen toy, and if any of you know my boy, you know that is serious giving. He told me that he wanted another little boy to have has much fun with it as he did. What a way to make a momma's heart swell with joy!

Yesterday we made a huge stride in our family to move away from plastic and commercial, and move towards handmade and natural. It is good...very good!

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