Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thoughts- Simple vs. Easy

I've already downed my venti latte, so I am ready to tackle the issue of the choice today.

Let's talk about truth today.

Simple: Truth is all around us ready for us to notice it when we are ready....and sometimes even making us notice it when we think we really aren't ready for it.

Easy: Speaking truth, and living truth should be easy... but it so isn't. It is actually *easier* to deny truth most of the time... at least IMNSHO.

So living in my truth has been quite an evolutionary process. I had to purge the message that my experience was not important. I had find the courage and strength to be aware of my truth on a daily basis... but now it is intergrated in me and I feel like I am open to truth around me and inside of me. It is immensily difficult to stay mindful of the truth around me sometimes. What has surprised me though, is how much less energy it takes for me to do that hard work, than to deny truth. Now that I am fairly well practiced, it is actually both simple and easy for me in my daily movement, but it has taken discipline... that's for sure.

Energy is a tricky thing... we are tempted to cut corners and deny truth when we think skipping a step will make things easier for us. Here's the thing though, what seems to help in the short run, ends up taking much more energy in the long run. Dragging denial around behind us brings with it, fear, exhaustion, and anxiety. I would rather do the work on the front that in the long run I can live in the freedom that only truth can offer me.

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