Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breaking a pattern

My senses have been dulled for some time and as I awake from my emotional slumber, I am finding it very difficult to break the pattern of autopilot in my life. It is happening... my mind's eye is becoming more and more present in my daily living and now I am needing to practice it every day. I need to search for that perspective in everything from the big to the small. In the next several weeks you are going to see some photos that are a reflection of that process for me. I want the pics to be raw and emotional. They will be found in my daily life... you know in my comings and goings. Forgive me as this process feels messy... I ask you humor me as I journey down the path of new awareness.

So for today:

This view is on the path from my home to my local Goodwill. I travel down this unkept road all of the time...mostly just trying to get through the mess and industry and desolation. Yesterday I stopped and took some pics. These the first installment.

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