Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Knitting through the fear and loathing

I am just a beginner knitter, but I already understand the essence of meditation inherently woven into the art of knitting. Having needles and yarn in my hand naturally calms me and brings my soul into center. As I was knitting today, I realized how much anger, fear, and loathing I am pouring out of my soul and into my work on the needles. It is fitting that my current project is a prayer shawl. It makes me stop and wonder about how many garments and blankets have been woven together through the ages in this very same way. Women and men of every age and every culture are bound together by the fact that out of the depth of our deepest darkness can come a truly amazing new creation that transcends our own circumstance. I am grateful to this art form and I am proud to take my place in its history. My mother stoked the fire of knitting in me and I hope to pass this same passion down to my kid’s as they become ready.


Marsha said...

Hello! I just happened across your blog today. You are totally right about the meditative quality of knitting. My knitting friends and I have discussed this many times, and we find that knitting has helped many of us "calm" through rough patches.

Poetic Mama said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting! I love that knitting is so calming!