Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boo Comedy

So I am sweeping the kitchen floor the other day when Boo asked me a very humorous set of questions. It went something like this:

Boo: "Mommy, is the Magic School Bus science fiction?" (This is a children's book series that Boo loves.)

Me: "Um no, it is fiction, just not science fiction... that is something different. Where did you hear the term science fiction?"

Boo: "But the Magic School Bus is about science... so why isn't it science fiction?'

Me: "Science Fiction is a specific type of fiction that is often set in the future. Daddy loves that type of story. Where did you hear the term?

Boo: "From this book mommy." As he showed me this book

Oh how I love being the mommy to a little boy who can read and loves to ask questions!


joyous melancholy said...

Um... Is he *reading* Foundation? Or did he just see the book? I mean, I knew he was smart, but I'm an avid reader myself and didn't tackle the Foundation series until high school...

gefilte said...

no, I am. I'm catching up on classic scifi that I somehow missed, growing up...