Saturday, September 13, 2008

The art of simplicity

photo credit: my mil... pp was done by poetic mama

So just in the last week I have come to a new understanding that has totally lifted me towards a new level of freedom. The biggest key I know to successfully living a life of simplicity, is to rest in the knowledge that I know very little about this life. It is what I do know though, that is something I can rest in no matter what life brings me. I know myself. I know how I feel, and when I am in tune with that which is only mine to possess, everything else is manageable. And I mean everything.

This has been a huge week of things coming into focus for me. One thing cast into perfect focus is the huge issue I have been running from most of my life, and all of my adult life. Fear has kept me locked behind my own defenses for so long. I was so afraid that when I reached focus of this issue, I would never be the same. That, ironically has absolutely come true, but in an entirely different way than I expected. Instead of being consumed by my deepest wound, I am finding myself strangely at home in my own skin... in a way that I have not experienced since early childhood.

I guess the *the man behind the curtain* was wrong after all. This wound is not, nor was it ever, proof of my eternal worthlessness. Good thing I held enough hope to keep traveling the path towards finding a better answer.

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