Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking it back

So much has been written about how my generation is a totally apathetic, disconnected, anti-community, non- volunteering, selfish, underachieving group of irresponsible and untrustworthy people. We’re the X’ers after all. We’re slighted, angry whiners. We have big dreams but no staying power with our follow through.

But I think we have been adults long enough to re-write our generational reputation. And here is why I think so.

The powers that be talk down to us, exploit our vote and ignore our presence at the political table. That is, until they can no longer claim that we are ignorant and useless. As our collective voice has started rising to the surface, we are in fact quite knowledgeable, and we’re also willing to put some skin into the process. Here’s a truth that seems to be coming into the light though... we will not play by the rules of the status quo. We want change.

I’m a woman, so I can only speak from that perspective, but I have re-written how I am supposed to tend to my career and tend to my family. I chose the non-profit sector out of college and when it was time to have my second child, I went against the grain and I quit my job, under protest that I was taking the “easy way out”. Right, because being at home with little ones, day in and day out is just so “easy”. And when I am finished with the season of shaping little hearts and minds, I will return to the work force, more prepared and frankly more valuable to whomever I choose to work for.

I do not think it is any coincidence that parenting trends are changing right now. An intuitive, attachment oriented parenting style is once again getting the respect it is owed. We know what it is like to be a child in a disconnected generation and we do now want that for our kids. Period. Co-sleeping is talked about in the open. Parents are carrying babes and toddlers in arms and carriers more often and the stigma is lifting.

Okay so now that I’ve made such assertions in grand wide sweeping stroke, let me back that up by also stating this: We are still most definitely finding our way. We have the very same polarization that the rest of our country struggles with, but it does look different. It really does. Our way of doing things definitely have a messy essence to it. But one of the best things about mess is that it alerts us to the reality that things need tending to. Our generation’s finger print on society needs to be taken seriously. It needs to be respected. And it is not going away... no matter how much our image and reputation is smeared.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, Okay

... So I'm getting some irl pressure to give Costco just one more try, so I've decided I am gonna do another price comparison. I am also going to see if my power to stay away from the middle of the store has matured at all in the past two years. Stay tuned to see if poetic mama can 1) go to Costco and only buy necessities, and 2) if there are any real savings that justify the cost of membership and gas money. I promise I will share the results of my experiment.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It loves me, it loves me not...

I have had a complicated relationship with Costco and it's temptations for me over the last couple of years. Many I know, swear by their savings, but that has just not flushed out for me, and so I canceled my membership two years ago. And honestly, I have rarely looked back... except maybe when I am loading up my cart with the weekly snacks I have to buy to keep the peace with the hungry wee ones running about.

So I was surfing the web today, and I really could not have said this any better... so go check out Scribbit's entry on the issue. Hope you all are having a happy Monday! (I know, I know that's an oxymoron)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tapestry- September 2, 2001

reunion of braided experience woven by spirit
reflected in each heart around a table
behind the eyes of unique soul lies imprinted
the creators dream for tomorrow

over collective shoulder the memories of days past
while future promises fulfillment of one plan
life partners, children, creation- all to glorify
ushering divine presence within the tapestry of time

blessings cherished trials bared by connection
the masterpiece created to absorb experience
allowing One to move us into deeper understanding of deity
creating texture for each individual thread

the tapestry reflects story created with each life
joy friendship pain love
revealed in mysterious color of providence
woven together to help heal evolving hearts

***I wrote this poem years ago after one of our Hart Girls reunions and as I was editing photos this morning, I came across my dear friends wedding pics from this past summer. I have been friend's with these women for over 15 years and they are my life line. A couple of the women could not attend and they were sorely missed, but it was a wonderful time of reconnection. We have been through so much together. Weddings, funerals, divorces, break ups, babies, friend squabbles, fun, sorrow, life changes, career changes, graduations, moves... etc., I am the woman I am today, because I have shared my life with these women, and they have trusted their journeys with me as well. And looking at this picture as me thinking...

Thinking about relationship once more, but that is another post! Suffice it to say, I realized yet again, that I am created for relationship... and that is all good.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Momma's Little Duckie

It was so hard to watch my heart on legs in a duckie costume, go up on stage for the first time. I so wanted her to have a successful first performing experience... and of course she did. She is now officially bitten by the stage bug. I had to laugh at myself during the performance. I have become the mom in the audience doing the routine right along with the kids... I am that mom... when the hell did that happen?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Creation Hiatus

So I've been battling this problem with my hands and wrists for years, and just recently I found out one of the underlying issues, so my new and wonderful chiropractor put me on temporary typing/ knitting/ sewing/ picture taking hiatus. And though I am blogging right now, I have been a pretty good listener thus far. It was to the point where I could not feel my hands most of the time, so most of those activities were already halted, but if this will give me the rest I need, then I will take it. Sometimes the simplest thing we can do is just rest.

Fitting for a Sunday... a Sunday I actually went to church.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My daughter supplies with a breath of fresh air.

This is not a blog that often ventures into the political arena, yet in the midst of this historic and very disconcerting election season, I am finding myself feeling suffocated by sexism around every corner. For the record, I am an Obama fan... pretty much since his opening speech at the 2004 DNC. I never endorsed Clinton... I was thrilled a woman had a serious chance, but my politics don't always align with her leadership. I do however think that she does Hillary Clinton well, and therefore I have a true respect for her.

I can't even spend much energy writing or frankly even thinking about Sarah Palin's nomination, but I can say this... I feel and see a collective undoing of years of advancement for women everywhere.

But this post is not about the lack of equality in our midst. No, this post is about the pure truth that all are created equal... we just assign hierarchy later. My daughter made it very clear to me this morning:

Baby J: "Mommy, are you a doctor?"
me: "No, I'm a mommy and a photographer."
Baby J: "Why aren't you a dr.?"
me: "Because I don't want to be a doctor, that is not my talent. I am good at taking pictures, and at being a mommy."
Baby J: "Well, I don't want to be a mommy, I want to be a doctor." (long pause)
me: "You can be whatever you want to be... whatever your talent is."
Baby J: (another long pause) "No, I want to be a mommy and a doctor. That's what I want to do... both."
me: "I like that plan."

As sexism is being tolerated and encouraged all around us, it is good to have a conversation like this with my 3 year old. I can't focus on what is wrong. I have to focus on what is right... and work towards helping what is wrong shift for my life, and for my daughter's life too. She believes she can do anything... and it does not even occur to her that she can't do things her brothers can. That's progress... amazing progress.