Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voice of the Feminine

A couple of weeks ago, I caught a few minutes of Gloria Steinem on Oprah, and though I was really only half watching, something she said really stuck with me. It stuck with me because it resonated with my soul and I have been greatly encouraged by her words. She said something to the effect that the last wave of feminism was trying to communicate that woman can be whatever they wanted to be. Something got lost in translation though. The point was not that women have to be everything, rather they can decide what they were meant to be and do that task with passion. Being super woman is not the ideal. Being able to choose one's own path is the ideal. Or something like that anyway.

So it has me thinking. The most powerful thing I have done in my life is to resign from the job of super woman and super mom. That is not where my power lies. No, my power lies in the truth that I was created equal and I can decide what I want to do with the time I spend here on earth. For too long, I allowed others to define me, to define my goals, to define the boundaries of my strength and power. The season of giving up my power has thankfully passed for me. Or at least it is beginning to pass. Now I understand that I choose how I define myself. I choose the path for me and can do so without apology. I choose to reside in and exercise my birth given right of personal empowerment.

I want to walk towards a simple living that flows out from who I am meant to be. I want to choose to make my work that which is not held in high regard far too often. I am shaping the characters of three amazing children. I am making myself available to the causes that I find important... volunteering in the public school system and in an amazing MOPS group. And yes I did go to college and pursue a degree for just this task.

I want to grow into a woman that doesn't need others to accept that choice, or even to understand it. But I want to learn expect respect from those I share my heart and my time with. Gratefully, I have an amazing support system. I am grateful for the village that has risen up to help me during this crucial time in my evolution. It is a great encouragement to have those who have already travelled that path, and to have others along side me as we travel the path together. I am grateful for the blogging world, the mother messaged boards I am a part of (albeit less frequented these days), and am especially grateful for the womeb I share my heart with in my daily life. My life is filled with simple abundance because of such blessing


Julia said...

You just said so beautifully what is in my heart also! Love you!

Tereza said...

That was so beautiful!!