Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2, 4, 6...

Interesting times in my household they be. With a 2, 4, and 6 year old, boundary *exploring* is around ever corner and in every parent child interaction. On my good days I try and remember that this is a sign of healthy developement and I try to roll with it. On my bad days I do a lot of deep breathing and I remind myself through gritted teeth that this is a sign of healthy developement. Lucky for me I wear my Wonder Woman wristbands of grace and truth. And lucky for my kids, I found help from:
Henry Cloud and John Townsend and Sandy McDaniel

Today was a bad day. But totally manageable because in the end they had to deal with their own consequences. I held the line when Boo left his backpack at home, realizing it upon getting to school. He made it back to school before the bell rang, but he had no time to play. Boy did he whine... but I bet he'll never forget again... at least for a couple of weeks.

And Baby J, she and Bubbas decided that screaming was totally acceptable in my car after being reminded of our rules. I pulled off the road a couple of times ad she didn't get much time at d-land today. She'll do it again, but it might be a little while, one hopes. Only getting one ride was a cramp in her plans for the day.

Boo, he hates consequences and hates being near the no... a scar from being the first born of a perfectionist momma, mixed with the reality that he's also hard wired that way. Baby J though, she lives on the edges of the boundaries... she's not always defiant, but she loves to feel exactly where the freedom ends and the no begins.

Watching them handle boundaries gives me a huge gift of insight for myself.

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