Monday, February 9, 2009

An Amazing Weekend

So, I was all set to come back here on Monday morning and share all about what a wonderful weekend it was for me at my launch Open House for Close To My Heart ... but now that I am here I want to share about much more. I'm sure there will be a play by play of my table display and sample project a little later, but for tonight I want to chat about something bigger.

This was a truly amazing weekend in so many ways for me and I feel so blessed to come to this place of being right where I am supposed to be in my life. I am more in the center of my calling today than I ever was when I was in church ministry... and that's not because church ministry is not worthy of calling, because it most definitely is. As I am evolving though, I now see why I thought of my calling to be vocational ministry and I understand how that belief was not the best design for my life in this season. (But that is it's own post)

This is why I had an amazing weekend:

A new friend started this awesome glass mural for me... he is so in the family btw! I already love you Rob!

My whole family had a light saber duel in our front yard on Sunday... yes we have enough sabers for 5. And tell me how cute this little one is. Did I mention Bubbas parents are basically idealistic pacifists... but when it comes to Star Wars we lose all sense of moral barrings?

The five of us spent an hour in the newly finished garage art studio, stamping, and sewing. Boo stamped an inventor machine that creates anything you want... which he decided to create light sabers, which is why we have so many! *wink* And Baby J has been working on the little purse hand sewing project for a couple of weeks now and she was able to finish it with alittle help from mama! When they were finished with their creations they decided to have an art show... performance art style. I love the creativity flowing in our family.

But most of all I was reminded this weekend that my family and I are surrounded by friends and family who are so good to us and we love sharing our lives with them too. It was great to see six kids huddled around my kitchen table eating pizza and having my nephew over and reconnecting with friends from my past around my dining room table. I love my life... a truly blessed life I have!

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gefilte said...

The fun lives on... this morning Bubas took a rolling pin out of the kitchen cabinet and said, "Light Saber!"