Friday, March 6, 2009

"I Made This Mommy!!!"

So as I was bustling around the house this morning, doing all of my "really important tasks", my toddler was doing something quite amazing. From two rooms away I heard my Bubbas squeal with joy and call for me. He came running in saying, "Mommy, mommy, I made this. Come see." and he led me by the hand to show me his creation.

And all of my busyness stood still. I saw that my toddler had built a tower, and then two towers and then three towers, and then he proclaimed it finished. He made a castle!!! And I almost missed this amazing little milestone, but gratefully my little Bubbas is securely attached andso he knew to seek me out. He knew his momma has a heart for him and a heart for creation. I was not looking, but he made me see.

Thank you Bubbas!


Madelyn said...

You captured this so well J. What a little sweetie!

gefilte said...

He's such a ham in that last one. Hello camera, I know you love me!