Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes Poetic Simplicity is....

... really just code for poetic chaos. In the past two-ish weeks, two of the kids had the stomach flu and the other one is currently battling Tonsillitis. Mix that with Easter, spring break, photography classes, a photo shoot and scrapbooking club prep. Not to mention all of the normal duties for MOPS, MOMS Club, Paws on Art for ds's school and the rest of life, and what you get is one tired momma. Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but hopefully it will be back to the regular programming around here again.

In the midst of the chaos, some amazing things are unfolding in my heart and in my life and I am ending Resurrection Day with a heart of deep gratitude and peace. It is amazing thing that when chaos rains down, there comes with it a huge opportunity to slow down and find the a place to rest.

I hope your day was filled with a little bit of simplicity!