Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moments of Clarity

A restful moment
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Life offers us little moments of clarity. Times when we get to see a little more of our internal core. This has been a year of some important moments for me. Years like this happen. The last time I went around this block, my family had a couple of deaths, a couple of serious heart issues, cancer, and depression. All in one calendar year.

This year has not been one of those years, and I am grateful for that. This year has had it's challenges though... job loss, relational strains, injury, etc. And yet, again I am reminded that is not by my strength that I journey through this life. I am carried by one much bigger than me and I have friends and family who surround me and help me remember that truth in those dark moments.

I am so very human... and I am grateful for the precious gift of that humanity. Even in the moments of clarity.

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