Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What are we doing?- My thoughts on Jon and Katie Plus 8

I'll be the first to admit that I have read the People article about the Gosselins, and I watched the show a couple of seasons ago, but we need to remember this is a family not an entertainment show. When I watched, it was mostly to make myself feel better for my own chaos and shortcomings, and that my friends is exploitation.

We now have a family that is struggling, chased by Paparazzi, and even young Americans doing video diaries of the reality of divorce. Divorce is traumatic for the children involved, are we now going to drag innocent bystanders (tv viewers) through this kind of mess?

I am so sad. So sad for Jon and Kate. So sad for those precious 8 children. So sad for their friends and family. And especially so sad about what this situation exposes for us all. This is the deep darkness that is pulling our culture down.

The things that hurt in my life, the ways in which I find myself destructive, and the dark areas that are deeply ingrained in my marriage and parenting... are the same things that a nation is gawking at in this family. I do know that this family invited the eyes of America into their lives and homes, but we have collectively taken way more than they wanted to give.

It has to stop... or at least stop being considered entertainment.

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joyous melancholy said...

I totally agree. However.

A big difference between you and them is, you haven't invited the nation to gawk at you. These people have chosen to expose their lives to the public in a sensationalistic way, they had to know that paparazzi and mayhem would be a part of that. They signed on for a new season, knowing they had difficulties in their marriage, knowing they'd be fodder for gossip. They haven't guarded their children or themselves.

I have never watched but five minutes of the show a few years back, and was turned off by how the couple interacted with each other. I've never been one for reality shows in general, for many of the same reasons you cite in your post. It is a family, but they have chosen to be an entertainment show, and that in and of itself makes me sad. Those children had no choice. Every aspect of their lives is exposed for everyone to see.

It's a cycle that feeds itself, much like Ouroboros. It's sad, very sad. As much as we as a society need to stop considering this entertainment, they need to stop putting it out there to be considered as such.