Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soul Quakes... Part II

So Tori's words of honesty about how she feels the church in this age really resonated with me. I too see the very same problem that she sees, and yet I have a very different internal response to the reality of our times. Rather than stopping at the assessment, my soul yearns for a community where the "compassionate path of Christ" is truly what the people who participate are about. And to find that community, I have to be that sort of believer. I too was raised the church, so I've seen the same darkness Tori touches on. But I have also seen a light that burns deep into the core of me and I am a changed person because of the love some have offered me in the name of Christ.

It is a dicotomy that is so very hard to hold onto, but for me I choose to rest in the dicotomy that we humans are indeed capable of such darkness, but we are also quite capable of amazing acts of love and kindness as well. I do know that Tori believes that too and my voice joins her as she points out that we need to be paying attention to our own internal processes, emotions, and choices so that we are able to be an energy for light... not for darkness.

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