Monday, June 1, 2009

Soul Quakes...

I can't believe I haven't had much of a chance to absorb Tori's newest artistic installment, but alas, I am finally breathing long enough to let her music come into my soul. I am feeling myself very curious and drawn into many of her new songs, in a way that I have not felt for many years... maybe since From The Choir Girl Hotel...

So I was surfing her SITE tonight and came across this... in her own words:

"I'm a minister's daughter. The power of the church is insidious, and it permeates everything," Amos explained. "A lot of what the Church discusses is not about the compassionate path of Christ, it's about what kind of lifestyle is acceptable and approved of by the Church when god knows what they're doing behind closed doors. You have a lot of people waking up every morning who feel paralyzed to act because of these judgments. All around us people are not only experiencing physical bondage but emotional and mental bondage behind perfectly groomed lawns. Inside acceptable addresses the definition of bondage is perversely explored with those we know only too well."

Amen Tori Amos

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