Monday, January 18, 2010

My Boo

What a ride parenting Boo has been this year!!! We have experienced some extreme highs... and some moderate lows. At the end of year six though, I am so happy to have found an amazing middle ground where Boo's needs are being addressed so that he is now reaching his full potential!

My seven year old is so much fun to hang out with! He loves to read, loves all things Star Wars and Mario Bros., and loves to create by drawing, writing, and painting. This last weekend we had a birthday party at our home and it was so much fun to see him play with his friends and cousins. I feel so blessed to have been given this great gift of this child to protect in my womb and then to bring into this world. And I am even more grateful to get to guide him and parent him as he grows. He is a deep thinker, and always asks amazing questions and shares amazing insights. He is funny... so funny and he cracks me up every single day. He is now really growing in his faith too... and I am loving watch his love for God grow with each day.

I cannot wait to see where this kid is going to go in the next several years. He is so smart, and so sweet, and so driven. I do hope he finds his dreams and goes after those pursuits with all he has. In this next year, I hope to open up his world even more. He has such a hunger for knowledge and creativity, and I want to stoke those embers!

Thank you Boo for another amazing year! I am a very proud momma! I am a better person because I share a home with you. Every day is a gift!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Baby J

My little girl turned five yesterday and I just adore her. She came into this world with a contagious joy and happiness that is amazing. She makes being a mom such a delight... and on some days quite a challenge. She is a girl who knows what she wants and is tenacious and determined enough to get it, and I just admire that so much. She gives her all to everything she does... she plays with soul, shares with a generous spirit, loves unconditionally, stands her ground with determination. She loves Hello Kitty, Littlest Pet Shop and most recently, doing everything with Emily... her brand new American Girl Doll.

She lives in a world with a lot of boys... and yet she loves all things like the girl that she is. She loves to help and can always be found by my side when I am working in the studio or around the house. I love to share life with her and I love to see the world through her eyes, because she brings her own perspective to things. She just adores her own grandma and papou and her grammy and grampy. She loves swimming, karate, and gymnastics. She loves to sing and dance, and she loves art. She's learning how to read and she loves going to school everyday. She loves her friends and her teachers!!!

I am a grateful momma. I was given such a precious gift to be able to carry her, bring her into this world and watch her grow into this amazing little five year old. Thank you Baby J for everything you are and everything you share with us all!!! Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!!