Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blessing of Stillness

I had the most awesome experience of stillness this weekend, and in the midst of such a scene as a wedding.  I was asked to photograph a friend's wedding, just one day before my own 12 anniversary, and that timing is everything.  While I was at the reception I was so blessed to sit around the table with some friends that have had a huge significance in my life.

One is a young man who was the ring bearer in my wedding...and one of the greatest young men out there.  I walked with this kid through some very difficult times in his childhood and though I left the community where he worshipped, he still felt safe enough to be real with me Saturday... and he has become an amazing guy!  Another was the woman I reached out to after I gave birth to my second child and struggled with postpartum depression.  She helped me step into MOPS and through that decision the Lord has helped piece my heart back together through the women in my MOPS experience.

I also sat with a husband and wife who have always shown me such kindness, love, and true sacrificial living.  They give and love oh so well, and they have always been a huge encouragement to me... especially in times when I have struggled through grieving what happened to me through the church community during my own childhood, and then later as I was an adult in that place.  And then there is the brother... a man that has always kept me grounded.  He loves big and he has always been looking out for me like a little sister.  He reminds me not to take myself so seriously, and he has always been a safe place for me.

These friends are like family to me.  The bride let me walk along side of her on a very important day, and it became an important day for me too.  I am so grateful for that.  I was given a huge gift of remembering this weekend.

When I hit crisis in my life I chose to leave a community that meant so much to me.  I do not regret that decision, because I needed to do some work that required I did not have to put myself through worshipping amongst several people who abused me in a place that was laced with negative experiences.  Yet I grieved being able to see these amazing people on a weekly basis.  These friends have let me into their lives, and have been in my life.  I know them and they know me and it has always been a good thing.  To be known and still be loved is awesome... to know and to love is even better.

Thank you to my Jones family...God has blessed me tremendously through the years because of  your presence in my life.  And I pray for a rich and full life for the bride and the groom!

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