Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the little things

I have been reminded many times recently how time has marched on without me really even realizing it.  My world has changed and things are more settled, because I am more settled.  That and my kids are all out of that 0-3 range of unending physical needs.  I am a much better mother in this age because their needs are far more emotional and social... and I have done my work and feel prepared to walk this part of the parenting journey with them.  And so today I want to give thanks for the little things.

* A quiet home and a warm cup of coffee.
* Music that stirs my soul- today it is Jennifer Knapps newest installment.
* Good poetry.
* The time to work with my creativity.  Up today, baby pictures, and hopefully some scrapbooking for my family.
* The birds that are chirping outside my dining room window.

I dreamed this life four years ago, while I was in the mire of diapers to the third degree, sleepless nights, and relational absence.  I hoped to one day feel deeply connected to the wonderful people in my life, to have time for quiet, and I dreamed of having a studio and lifestyle that integrated my art with my life in a way that was streamlined and organic.

I now live that life, and I am so grateful, for I deeply respect the grace and hard work that allowed me to find this place of stillness.

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