Tuesday, October 25, 2011


...It was taken from me 
I won’t it let be taken from you
Voice is your birthright 
I have mine back
So I won’t usurp yours
Squeal with delight
Cry out in anguish
Sigh with limitation
Raise up with complaint
You will not meet deaf ear
For I am attuned to your presence sweet one...

I wrote this a bit ago... but today I might need to practice this as mantra.  I obviously did not write this when any of my kids were 4.  It is so hard to be 4...old enough to verbally express the range of emotion you feel without the maturity to have as much self control as the world is asking of you.  That's what I am here for... to help them through big emotions...but it would be really helpful for me to practice a greater level of self control than he does.  And that is where grace steps in and boy am I grateful, because 4 year olds can test every last nerve of mine.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Cousin B... we love you!

There is nothing better than a bouncy slide for a 8 year old's birthday party!  Look at that smile!

 Nothing but pure joy...

Auntie (not me, I'm officially a 2nd cousin) made this awesome cake... He loved it!

And the hit of the day... lots of gifts, yes... but especially this card.  Who knew?  I know... the person who picked it out!